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My Music On Cycling

Bike iPod / MP3 Stereo Speaker (GD-SP01)  Control iPod On Riding. Compatible with iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, any kinds of MP3 Player and Mobile Phone (Width less than 51mm) . Mini & Portable. 2W+2W. 2xAA Batteries. Easy and Diverse to mount on Handlebar, Stem and Head Tube. Suitable for any kinds of Bike or Folding Bike . Easy to Attach and Detach from Bike. Patent product. If you Love Cycling, Love Music, this is the Best iPod / MP3 Speakers for your riding . Listen Music, Full Control iPod On Riding and Keep your safety. Do not use earphones on your cycling for the safety concern. If you love music on riding, use this. 

Down Stairs fixed Test
Sound Quality Demo
Speaker Comparison



4th iPod Nano with FM Radio.
Listen Music/Radio & Control iPod on Riding


More Safety On Cycling

Wireless Bike Indicator Rear Light (GD-101R & GD-101) GD-101R : Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries Preinstalled both in front Control and back LED indicator light.GD-101 : 2xAAA for front Control and 4xAAA for back LED Super Bright LED tail light. Car-Like Pull Over Lighting - 2 Yellow LED flash on left and right with 3 Red LED in middle for Pull Over. Patent Product. 

On the Road


Install Wireless Control Panel on Handlebar left Side.
Keep both hands on the handlebars while turning signal


E-Bike LED Rear Light with Turn Signal

Adopt E-Bike 24V/36V Battery Power (GD-3000) Bicycle Style Electric Bike Rear Light With Turn Signal Function. E-Bike makers should build this function because Elderly, Woman and Children do need this for their safety riding especially at night. By using E-Bike 24V/36V battery power, there is no additional battery needed. It is convenient and safety on the road. It is wired with Left/Right Switch.

Which one to buy ? If having choice from market, safety would be the major consideration.

Youtube Demo Video

Our Client's E-Bikes with GD-3000.
It helps you having better security on the road


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